New features in Allplan 2019

New features in Allplan 2019

Many innovative features and tools have been introduced in the Allplan 2019 programs to meet the needs of contemporary constructors and architects. The processes of both creating and managing building objects will be much faster and more efficient with them.


The most important new features and changes in Allplan 2019

The taskbar in Allplan 2019 helps users to easily access the functions required by their industries (architecture, engineering, environment, sketch, bridges). You can also customize the default action bar by adding, deleting or changing the order of functions. Now more than one user-defined role is supported, and the configuration becomes more flexible. Roles can be exported, one at a time or all together and imported on another computer.


Levels and planes

Intuitive management of levels and planes 

A new palette (Levels) has been added to manage the building storeys. Creating and editing of planes has become much easier with it.

Effective storey management of the large building models and direct preview of introduced changes. It is now possible to bind objects to any reference surface. Automatic update of the entire model in order to increase the comfort of work speed

Simplified creation and management of complex architectural objects


Advanced BIM data export to IFC4 format

Improved attribute management

  • Easy modification of attributes in the properties palette
  • Better overview of attributes
  • Changing the properties of many objects by one click

Faster data exchange with easy access to attributes

Views and Cross-sections

More effective team work for architects and engineers

  • Easy reuse of ready project fragments
  • Availability of large-scale projects
  • Better performance and convenient data handling
  • Faster loading and saving of drawing files

Increased efficiency and detail through better teamwork


Object Navigator

An improved object palette for a better overview

  • Easy control and modification of the model
  • A clear overview of a large number of objects
  • The new function of sorting by attributes
  • Moving objects by drag and drop

Improved quality of the model due to simplified identification and correction of the project data

The Profile Library of the Nemetschek group

Integration of steel profile catalogues via Allplan Bimplus

Allplan 2019 has central access to the Nemetschek steel profile library via Allplan Bimplus. A wide selection of profiles for international projects is available as well as a better exchange of data between the Nemetschek group products.

A comprehensive current international profile library


Improved PythonParts tool

Numerous improvements to the pythonparts type parametric objects

Performance in modeling of a large number of identical objects has been improved. Existing objects in the PythonParts database have been optimized. An easy way to make changes to properties and attributes has been introduced

Faster modeling with optimized parametric objects and increased modification possibilities

A new feature for defining complex parametric objects

Visual Scripting (Vs)

Our first “built-in” VS tool

We bring the VS technology closer to our clients. VS presents the “logic of the project” in a graphical way that helps to understand complex tasks. This new feature allows users to quickly and easily define complex parametric objects (eg trusses)

More details soon


International project cooperation

Optimization of work on international projects

  • Automatically installed settings for many countries
  • Adjusting the settings to the existing needs regardless of the basic configuration

Easier work on international projects with different national settings

Views and Cross-sections

More effective team work for architects and engineers

  • Coherent data exchange for architects and engineers
  • More control over drawings

Increased efficiency while maintaining greater detail


A new stair modeler

Design stairs faster and easier

  • Fast and intuitive modeling
  • Easy parameter modification using a pallette
  • Direct preview of the changes introduced
  • Different connections to the ceiling and board

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